Monday, March 14, 2011

Obsessed with Zentangle

Finally something new to say, and a reason to say it. I have a new love of drawing. While I have been creative all my life, I always stayed away from drawing, it was a skill I didn't believe I had. I probably haven't doodled since I was in high school.

I had a bad case of the winter blues, and was feeling creatively blocked. On facebook, I kept seeing my friends talk about this Zentangle thing, and I decided to check it out about 5 weeks ago. Why not? It's just some pens and paper, a very inexpensive medium for me to check out, compared to most of the other things I do. Within 24 hours I had finished my first one, and was hooked.

As an artist, I have always loved fine detail, getting into the meditative state that relaxes me. Zentangle does this for me in spades. If you have read my blog, you know I have fibromyalgia. Zentangling gets me in such a relaxed state that I believe it helps the pain I experience. Maybe it doesn't really get rid of the pain, but I seem to tune it out while I am doodling. I have no doubt that it does help with anxiety and perhaps is even helping me to sleep a bit better... Such a blessing!

I am very thankful to all the artists out there who have generously posted pattern instructions on their blogs, and videos on youtube. You have inspired me, taught me, and opened my eyes to the fact that perhaps I can do just about anything I decide I want to do! Ancora Imparo!


Tinkered Art said...

Stunning work - as I scrolled down each one became my favorite - glad I don't have to pick just one. So glad you found Zentangle and the benefits it provides.

Kellie Robinson said...

Thank you! They are in order, starting with the very first one. I spent at least an hour last night crawling through your blog and really enjoyed your art! Just beautiful!