Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Challenge

I decided to really challenge myself on my 9th zentangle. There are 35 petals in this drawing, and each petal has it's own pattern. I tried some patterns I had been a hesitant to try, and as with each one that I do, I learned a lot!

My zentangling and the benefits I have been receiving from it were mentioned by Suzanne McNeill in her blog. I am very thankful for her kind words about my work! It's been less then 24 hours since her blog went live and I have already heard from another person with fibro who has noticed the pain relieving benefits of zentangle.


- byrd said...

make that three of us. I am now disabled because of FM, but I'll never give up my art. It feeds my spirit as nothing else can.

Kellie Robinson said...

Byrd, I didn't know you also had fibro. I can't give up my art either, but some of my favorite things to work with cause me pain so I have to limit it. I can Zentangle anytime, and not have to pay for it later.