Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can you name this artist?

We had a bead show in town this weekend, and I found a beautiful treasure. One of the vendors, the very first vendor as I walked in the door, had beautiful polymer clay pendants. It took forever to pick out the one I wanted. The vendor said it was made in France, but she couldn't remember the name of the artist. I really would like to know who made it. I figure someone out there will recognize it! It is really wonderful, so much detail!

I am shocked to see that my last and only post on this blog was over a year ago. I barely touched my clay since then. Pretty much the only time I did touch it is when I was teaching. Things have changed recently though, I have gone to work part time instead of full time. Now that I have a bit of energy at the end of my day I am working with my clay again! I actually have some beads I would like to show, but I am having difficulty photographing them. I built a little light box but still need a few more lights. Please check back soon and I'll have some show and tell for the first time in years.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me identify the creator of this beautiful pendant!


Anonymous said...

The name of the artist is Dumauvobleu. She has sites on both Etsy and Flickr.

Kellie Robinson said...

Thank you Aldona! I had discovered her name a couple of days after I posted this blog from a friend at PCC. I wrote another blog post after this one linking to her shop. I just love her style! so much detail, they are like textural paintings.