Monday, March 30, 2009

Ancora Imparo Design

I finally got off my duff and opened up an etsy shop! This will feature more then polymer clay, I have lots of things I love to make! It's starting out slowly, but I am working on it every week.

What is Ancora Imparo? It is a quote attributed to Michelangelo in the later years of his life. It means "Still I am learning". I love this, and decided years ago that if I ever did open a shop, this would be the name. I am more excited about what I might learn tomorrow then what I already know today!

Here are some pictures of some new stuff I have been working on. I have been making my own earwires, doing some wire wrapping, fusing silver and having fun!


lukanada said...

These are beautiful.I love your Jewelrydesign.

Marie S said...

Good luck in the giveaway and you just never know.
I love these earrings. They are incredibly beautiful.
The bottom ones are my favorites.
Well done you!!

Marie S said...

These earrings are beautiful but they just have nothing on you girl!!!
Thank you!

lachafa said...

great! i love the idea with wrapped wire and beads, it looks beautiful